​​​​​​​  Membership 

Returning swimmers are given the first opportunity to pre-register for the upcoming season.

Remaining available spots are offered to successful candidates from our pre-season New Swimmer Evaluations.

New Swimmer Evaluations are held in September, January, & April  (based on availability). Please see Registration / New to the Dolphins for information about our next new swimmer evaluation.

If your swimmer has previous club experience or is a very strong swimmer please Click Here to contact our coaching team for a mid-season evaluation.

​​​​​​​   Squads 

The EVDSC squad structure is designed to support every athlete’s LONG TERM DEVELOPMENT.

As a general rule of thumb, the more an athlete attends practice, the more benefit and enjoyment they will receive.  When progressing, each athlete should look at being placed in the middle of the next group rather than the achieving the minimum standards. We want athletes to thrive in their new group, not just survive.


Guppies, Jr Pups, Pups
​​​​​​​& Adaptive Swimming

Squad Goal - Learn to Swim
Minimum Age - 3 - 5
Sessions per Week - 2
Session Length - 30 Minutes


Green Pod

Squad Goal - Learn to Train
Minimum Age - 7
Sessions per Week - 2
Session Length - 45 Minutes


Red Pod

Squad Goal - Train to Compete
Minimum Age - 10
Sessions per Week - 3
Session Length - 60 Minutes


Blue Pod

Squad Goal - Compete to Succeed
Minimum Age - 12
Sessions per Week - 4-8
Session Length - 90-120 Minutes

Teen Fitness

Squad Goal - Swim Fit
Minimum Age - 13
Sessions per Week - 1 - 2
Session Length - 60 Minutes


Squad Goal - Swim for Life
Minimum Age - 18
Sessions per Week - 1 - 4
Session Length - 60  Minutes